Certification services

As it is known, the need for health products has increased significantly all over the world during the pandemic situation. In response to the increasing need, many companies have taken health products to their production lines or new companies have been opened. Manufacturing companies in many parts of the world faced certification processes in order to sell their products to different countries.

As Another World Medical, we have started to provide services in this field with our business partner known for its expertise in CE certification since 2003. We provide CE certification services for health products all over the world, especially in South Korea. We offer fast, reliable and affordable services to our customers for CE certification for all kinds of personal protective equipment.

Our product tests are carried out in specialized laboratories that have been in service since 1998 and are accredited by TÜRKAK according to the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards.

The reasons why our customers, especially in South Korea, chose us can be briefly summarized as follows.

– The whole process works according to CE standards requirements.

– Products are tested and certified according to the CE standard suitable for production and sales purposes.

– The originality of the document is guaranteed by us. After the certification, all kinds of support are provided for the buyer companies to confirm the document.

In addition to being specialized in the EN14683 standard especially for face masks, we also serve our customers for all other personal protective equipment standards.

Within the scope of system and product certification, works are carried out with the principle of “one-stop complete solution” with a wide range of services. Integrated solutions are offered in many sectors, especially in the medical sector. Our common goal in certification according to regional and customer needs: our customers’ who sell products and services to the world to overcome technical barriers. Our basic principle is we ensure our impartiality with our independence. The institution and its all auditors work, decide and apply without being under any pressure.

Our effort to add value to our customers with a new understanding causes us great enthusiasm. Our approach, in which every segment has learned something from each other in our work, brings us to the forefront. It is our greatest happiness to be able to play a role in the development of our customers with our work and inspections based on ethical values that are lacking in the sector.