Trading with Korean Mask Manufacturers

Due to our wide range of business services, Another World Medical has direct connections with many Korean Mask manufacturers. Our direct connections with management of manufacturers provide us best competitive prices and payment options for their products especially in international trade market.

Another World Medical commercial department only works with manufacturers that have CE certification processes made by us. This situation also guarantees that the buyers can purchase without any doubt about the authenticity of the CE certificate of the product. Product’s CE Certification procedures carried out in Turkey by Another World Medical and all processes and tests are guaranteed by us. Buyers can deliver original test results of the products.

Our position between buyers and manufacturers is just a being a contact each other. Another World Medical is not an intermediate sales firm. It is aimed for the Korean mask factories to communicate directly with the buyers and to ensure that the commercial transactions are carried out safely between the buyer and the manufacturer. This guarantees the buyer to buy the product directly at the manufacturer’s price. In addition, since the entire commercial process is carried out directly between the buyer and the manufacturer, the payment and delivery process is under the guarantee of the manufacturer.

Our manufacturer portfolio contains only high standard certificated companies. Products you can find at our web site are certificated N95, KF-94, CE14683 Type IIR or EN149 FFP2 or higher. Most of the companies that we work with provide face masks for daily use, medical staff use with respirator standards.

Our buyers are mostly European medical device traders, hospitals, factories with many line workers and shift workers. Our manufacturers can provide high quantity of products with in very short delivery terms. We can provide references of our manufacturers to serious buyers on request. Almost all of our manufacturers are already promoted companies that sell their FDA, CE and KF certified products in the US and European markets

Please do not hesitate to contact with us for your any request. We do have much kind of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Devices certificated products, not only products published on our web site.