Cool Collection® Yellow Dust Prevention Mask- Black Pattern

$ 0,68

​Place of manufacture: South Korea

Certifications: MFDS, FDA, CE

Price type: US Dollar, FOB, Seoul – South Korea

Minimum order quantity: 500,000 units

Delivery time: Depends on order date and quantity

Sample product: Available. Please contact with us.


The Cool Collection®  Mask will serve as fresh air for us to breathe freely.

Elderly people, children, and asthmatic patients with low breathing rates were made with all things in mind because they could have difficulty breathing if they wore masks with higher numbers.

Ergonomic design makes it easy to use and has an excellent fit.

Multifunctional (anti-allergic, antiviral, antibacterial, deodorizing, etc.) high-efficiency HEPA filter “Hybrid Filter” is used to protect the respiratory tract from infectious agents

Blocks PM 0.25 ultra-fine dust.

Toray’s advanced material fabric is soft to the touch and comfortable to breathe.

Blocks more than 95% of UV rays, the main cause of each skin disease.

Manufacturer frequently meet raw materials and subsidiary materials to make masks for the elderly, children and asthma patients with low breathing volume.

They are trying to make the best product considering everything that may cause breathing difficulties.

Safety tests that are directly related to health and safety have been completed through the best specialized testing institutions.

The design has been changed several times to make it easy to use, easy to breathe, and an excellent fit with an ergonomic design.

Multifunctional (anti-allergic, anti-viral, antibacterial, deodorizing, etc.) high-efficiency HEPA filter “Hybrid Filter” to block PM 0.25 ultra-fine dust. Protects the respiratory tract from infectious agents.

Toray’s advanced materials such as outer material (PET), middle shell (SPUN BOND), and lining (THERMAL BONDING) are used.

Nose support is made of 5mm aluminium with two rows.

Ear straps are made of material that does not cause ear pain even if worn for 24 hours.

Easy breathing COOL COLLECTION® Yellow dust and quarantine mask

No sticking in daily life or conversation, and the lips do not touch, so you can use it comfortably even if you wear it for a long time.

Synthetic filament nonwoven fabric made from 100% polyester raw materials.

Advantages include high strength, heat resistance, weather resistance, oil resistance, breathability, and chemical resistance.  (Toray Advanced Materials)

​Fine, compact structure that exhibits high water absorption and water retention.

As it can filter out even fine particles, it can filter air, water, and oil.
Blocking harmful substances (Toray advanced material large dust blocking)

Soft, hypoallergenic fabric, porosity, good ventilation and zero moisture content, does not absorb moisture. Non-toxic, non-irritating (This is a product used according to FDA food grade raw material production and does not irritate the skin.) Antimicrobial, anti-chemical agents (can isolate the presence of liquid bacteria and insects) Hygienic and eco-friendly (Toray Advanced Materials)