Evelyn Premium Mask KF94

$ 0,34

Place of manufacture: South Korea

Certifications: KF, FDA, CE

Price type: US Dollar, FOB, Seoul – South Korea

Minimum order quantity: 500,000 units

Delivery time: Depends on order date and quantity

Sample product: Available. Please contact with us.


Evelyn Premium Mask is a South Korean manufactured, high quality daily use face mask.

It is a high-tech mask that has proven its product quality, which is currently sold in the USA, Canada, the Middle East and European countries.

Outer Fabric: The outermost nonwoven cotton blocks fine dust first
Middle Fabric: It prevents fine dust by using soft materials for the second step is to prevent fine dust. And it also has a thermal function
Electrostatic Filter (MB Filter): It actually plays an important role in catching harmful substances using static electricity.
Lining: The innermost surface of the skin. It used a soft fabric with less skin irritation.

Low leaking rate: The leaking rate is the rate of airt leaking between the mask and the face. The lower the ratio, the lower the inflow of external harmful substances. Evelyn Mask minimizes comfortable fit and inflow of air into the outside with a 3D structure.
Low face intake resistance: Face resurrection resistance is the resistance that occurs inside the mask when a hose is held. The lower the ratio, the more comfortable breathing is implemented. Evelyn Mask uses a fabric with low respiratory resistance. So it’s comfortable to breathe.
Dust collection efficiency: Dust collection efficiency is the ratio that filters out fine particles when breathing. The blocking effect is good with a higher rating. Evelyn Mask uses a high-efficiency filter and has a good blocking rate.